Double sleeping bags

The double sleeping bags are simply bags with place to host two people at the same time. Wether you are hiking, camping or traveling on your camper you may want to sleep with your partner. The ordinary sleeping bags for summer, camping or backpacking are too narrow for this, but the wider, double models allow to fit two people. They are as robust and warm as their individual counterparts, but are bigger in terms of weight and size, and backpacking with them can be a little hard.

Their first, main quality is to give freedom of movement for the users, flexibility and proximity to your partner. In any case they are heavier and bulkier than one sleeping bag, but often are lighter and tinier than two separate ones. In this last case they actually easier to carry, whether in your car or on your shoulders. Double sleeping bags have naturally stuff sacks for transportation, and the typical, common features of normal bags.

In this review we wanted to present you the best double sleeping bags, tested for their comfort, durability, warmth and waterproofness. This last point must be explained: with nylon or polyester fabric, and also an optional layer of a water repellent substance, the sleeping bag acquires a certain hermetic capacity to droplets and moisture. However, if you leave it under the rain or throw it in a lake it will surely get wet anyway.

Best double sleeping bags

Exped MegaSleep Duo 25/40 

Exped MegaSleep Duo 25/40 double sleeping bags

Weight:  4 lbs. 6 oz.

Dimensions: length fits up to 72 – 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 126

Price: 229$

Temperature rating: 25-40°F

Cons: doesn’t keep the warmth to the temperatures indicated

Pros: dual temperature layers, very light and compressible

The Exped MegaSleep Duo 25/40 is a big, airy and spacious model along double sleeping bags; but it’s also thin. In order to rest properly we recommend a sleeping pad thick enough for your needs. It has two surfaces, one to stay warm at 25°F, the second at 40°F: by flipping the side we can change the temperature rating of the bag. The fabric is not treated with harmful pollutants or allergens. Instead it’s certified (Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard) to be without harmful chemicals.

By separating the top and bottom layers, we can create two separate sleeping bags, or quilts, that are a kind of narrow in the end. Note also these two separate “bags” have a different temperature rating, which could be a problem if both are used at 25°F. Unfortunately we felt a little cold in this bag at the stated temperatures of 25 and 40°F: probably these numbers should be raised a little to sleep soundly, let’s say of 4-5°F.

An interesting detail is that is very compressible despite its size, and can be reduced easily to a volume of 7 liters in a stuff pack. Finally, the Exped MegaSleep Duo makes its point by being effective, very portable and protecting from heat loss with a draft tube. On the other side there is no hood to cover the head and it should be used at temperatures a little higher than those indicated by the producer. Perhaps one day this will be improved.

REI Co-op HunkerDown 20 Double Sleeping Bag

REI Co-op HunkerDown 20 Double Sleeping Bag

Weight:  6 lbs. 11 oz.

Dimensions: length fits up to 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 120

Price: 320$

Temperature rating: 20°F

Cons: cannot be divided in two bags

Pros: oversize hoods can host pillows, RDS

The REI Co-op HunkerDown 20 Double is a one-piece model with an exterior fabric in recycled polyester and an interior of 600-fill-power down. Thanks to the side zippers we can enter and exit the bag from both sides without bothering our brides, and get out when we like to smoke a little cigarette. But anyway, this bag is warm, even in winter, and the presence of another person is great to maintain the internal heat.

The winter nights in this bag are more than enjoyable, provided that you’re not exposed to some polar breeze. The gales increase immediately the perception of cold and you could feel uneasy really fast. Better to rest in a tent. A good deal of comfort is given by the hood and the draft collar, encircling the neck and head with a warm tissue. Two pillows can be put in the hood, but they must be taken out when the bag is put in its stuff sack.

This model is particularly eco-friendly, with recycled tissues and responsible down standard filling. This should be the way to follow for the years to come to maximise the good use of resources. And to respect the animal welfare. At the end we estimate this bag as a good option to camp or stay in some off-grid cabin in the cold season, but it must be used with a wide sleeping mat also. Two individual mats tend to leave a gap and let cold in.

The North Face Dolomite Double

Weight: 9.8 lbs

Dimensions: length fits up to 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 120

Price: 170$

Temperature rating: 20°F

Cons: no hood, cold at 20°F

Pros: very affordable, warm for 3 seasons, zippers on each side

This synthetic, spacey bag is more than appropriate for camping trips and journeys in tents, boats, shelters. There is more than enough room for two people, to move and turn during sleep, and the shell system in cire Polyester Taffeta material is silky against the skin. The North Face created a not-so-expensive and versatile bag, to use from spring to autumn. The last season is another story, for icy temperatures are dangerous.

The insulation consists of 30% recycled material, and is very effective down to 10°F. But when arriving to 25-20°F, we started to chill and gat uneasy. Simply the bag wasn’t enough to insure a warm sleep. The zipper at the bottom of the bag leaves a two-inch hole where the cold air enters and starts to chill your feet. That’s really upsetting in winter nights, and even with heavy, wool socks we felt the drafts coming from the tent.

On the size and weight side, it’s better to transport it on some vehicle, but if you have a good pair of shoulders the backpack will do it anyway. Finally, when stuffed has a volume of 12″ X 24″, and can be reduced a little more with some effort. Certainly is good, but not for winter: the absence of a hood and draft collar impacts on the general insulation, and at freezing temperatures simply doesn’t make the deal.

 Nemo Jazz 30 Double

Weight: 8 lbs. 15 oz.

Dimensions: length fits up to 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 129

Price: 340$

Temperature rating: 30°F

Cons: bulky, heavy, no waterproofness

Pros: very comfortable for long periods outdoors

We noticed the Nemo Jazz 30 Double for its special comfort features. With them we could spend relatively long periods in a more-than-average enjoyable situation at night. If we just had a mattress of the same height of our bed, we could easily think to be resting at home. An internal, built-in bedsheet keeps the rest of the bag clean and of course we can remove it for washing. When it’s very hot, you can remove it.

A big, rare-to-see pillow pocket is roomy enough for two standard-size pillows, and the pad sleeve keeps the sleeping pads (not included) in place if you move during the sleep. The temperature rating is accurate, and you can sleep easily in a pyjama at freezing temperatures. The hood and the draft collar are more than generous, and a insulated quilted layer on the sleeve adds warmth. While the filling seems to be down, it’s actually synthetic.

We didn’t expect to find such pleasant experience in a bag with recycled materials, of 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) recycled Stratofiber™ synthetic insulation. But on the side of transportation and volume is quite unwieldy, and takes a good deal of space in a backpack. Also, no sign of waterproofness, so you will have to care not to soak it. At the end, we really love it for being cozy and fluffy

Big Agnes King Solomon 20 Double Sleeping Bag

Weight: 4 lbs

Dimensions: length fits up to 72 in. ; shoulder girth: 116

Price: 420$

Temperature rating: 20°F

Cons: quite high price tag, cannot divide in two

Pros: very warm at 20°F, hermetic to drafts

The Big Agnes King Solomon 20 is almost sumptuous, focusing on insulation and heat retention. Its exterior fabric is of recycled polyester taffeta lining fabric, with water-repellent finish, PFC-free, and resistant too. The bag really repels droplets and can withstand short periods of light rain, by the exterior side. But if water and snow fall in the inside the bag will get wet anyway. And with a thick filling, it takes time to dry up.

The filling is of 650-fill down, putting the King Solomon in the superior range of warmth-keeping bags, and has vertical baffles (generally they are horizontal) to allow the down move. After two nights of camping the down has a tendency to move downward and you need to be redistribute it. So we take the bag by the bottom and shake it until the material moves. Also, a system of pouches and drawstrings connects with a big sleeping pad.

The collar, hood and zippers stops perfectly the drafts and we can say to sleep well at 20°F with a cotton pyjama, a wool beret and a sleeping pad, of course. We also use always a cotton liner to keeps the bag clean as much as possible, so consider we made our review withe these elements. That’s a great bag to sleep even in the cold season, just it’s huge, and takes 15 liters of space when it’s well stuffed in its pack.

The North Face Eco Trail Bed Double 20 Sleeping Bag

Double  Sleeping Bags - The North Face Eco Trail Bed

Weight: 7 lbs. 8 oz.

Dimensions: length fits up to 72 – 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 120 in.

Price: 199$

Temperature rating: 20°F

Cons: doesn’t split in two littler bags, heavy, without hood

Pros: affordable, good value for price

This model is, among double sleeping bags, made entirely of recycled fabrics. It has really basic features, and, because of its size and heft, is best suited for car camping or home use. The use of synthetic filling adds to the final weight, even if it’s not as heavy as the Nemo Jazz 30 or the Dolomite Double. Experienced hikers can also use it when backpacking, and the only question is: who will take the burden?

For keeping it in the packsack for more than a few days is alright for those who are used to carry 40 lbs on their shoulders. Otherwise people usually start to feel it too burdensome. The sleeping experience is positive for three-season use: excellent in summer, opening all zippers, and very good in autumn and spring. However we think 20°F is too close to the limit, and a more appropriate temperature rating would be 24°F.

The absence of a hood and a collar is noticed with freezing situations, and can be unpleasant if you’re not used to it. The inside pouch is capacious enough to keep a wallet and a headlamp. To resume everything, it’s a good-quality article, with a respectable price-to-warmth ratio. It’s wide and spacious for two people. On the other flip of the coin it’s big, not waterproof and not warm enough for winter, especially for chilling ones.

REI Co-op Camp Dreamer Double Sleep System

Weight: 7 lbs. 3 oz.

Dimensions: length fits up to 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 110 in.

Price: 299$

Temperature rating: not listed

Cons: not for freezing nights, not waterproof

Pros: really snug, included sheets, removable hood

This model is specially for people who want to sleep in their camping van or in some countryside home. The REI Co-op Camp Dreamer Double has an entirely synthetic fabric and filling, includes a top sheet, bottom sheet, a removable hood and a top quilt. It’s great for the included sheets that can be used or not with the bag and washed on their own. Adding or removing these items changes the temperature rating of the bag.

Anyway, when the bag is fully equipped the sleep is comfortable down to 40°F. Besides this point we started to wake up and really feel the cold of the night. We got well after adding a thick blanket on the whole, but in backcountry trips you won’t always have it with you. We suggest to use this double bag in temperate climates or houses, but avoid it for outdoor winter activities. In that situation you would probably chill.

The REI Co-op Camp Dreamer Double is optimised to combine with the homonymous Camp Dreamer Double sleeping pad, which isn’t included. Together they form something comparable to a real bed, with a mattress, cotton sheets and a blanket. Otherwise you can also be easily use other pads. To conclude, this sleeping bag is appropriate for indoor use, like guest bed, or for spring-summer with a 45°F outside temperature.

Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Doublewide

Weight: 9 lb 8 oz

Dimensions: length fits up to 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 128 in.

Price: 190$

Temperature rating: 20°F / -7°C

Cons: heavy

Pros: control of warmth levels, can open completely on the upside

We included the Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 in our picks for a peculiar design of the overall layers of the bag. First, it’s large, with enough space for two adults or three kids, and comes with removable side blankets. It’s also possible to shift in inside without bothering your partner. By adding or removing them, you regulate the temperature inside the bag. However this bag comes as double in the end, and we can’t separate it in two.

The zippers on each side allow to remove entirely a layer of tissue on the top and ventilate fully in hot days and nights. But the bag on the side edge of the bag remains intact, as in the foot box, covering always the feet. The hood is big, and the lovers of pillows can sleep soundly with two standard-size cushions. Speaking of temperature instead, we can make some considerations: it’s great for the good season use.

Resting in it is more than good: the bag has a respectable padding. Of course we tried the Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 also at 20°F, and it passed the test when we slept with our partners. Sleeping with another person always adds warmth, especially if each one hugs the other. But sleeping alone is another story: the bag becomes big, there is much more air inside, and it takes time to feel comfortable inside. Finally, it becomes a little colder.

Big Agnes Dream Island

Weight: 9 lbs. 7 oz.

Dimensions: length fits up to 78 in. ; shoulder girth: 136 in.

Price: 242$

Temperature rating: 15°F

Cons: very big and bulky

Pros: excellent insulation for winter use

This other sleeping bag of Big Agnes is huge, hefty and great for napping long hours. It’s very warm, but needs a sleeping pad if you plan to stay on some cold surface. To put it plainly: there is no underside insulation. But the upside one is strong, and the layers of synthetic filling are thick. It feels like a heavy blanket wrapped around, with the add of two zippers on both sides. We can say for sure one thing: the Dream Island is warm.

We tested it in spring, autumn and winter and gave us a really good time. The collar, hood and zippers stop well the cold air from entering and we didn’t need to wear extra blankets. We felt really good at 15°F, wearing also a cotton liner of another brand. This is a serious sleeping bag for freezing temperatures, and at the same time rolling inside as wished. It’s rectangular, and allows much room also for the feet, hands, head.

We tried also to sleep at home, on a bed, without the underneath pad. Actually we rested greatly without the underneath insulation. The Big Agnes Dream Island is also really big, for all its layers of filling: when packed it takes 55 liters of volume, which is a really deal to put in a backpack. Definitely, and also because of its weight, it’s to carry on a car. On another side, quality of the fabric and the protection it offers are great.

Teton Sports Mammoth Queen

Teton Sports Mammoth Queen double sleeping bags

Weight: 13.9 lbs 

Dimensions: length fits up to 94 in. ; shoulder girth: 62 in.

Price: 149$

Temperature rating: 0°F-20°F

Cons: very heavy

Pros: spacious, bargain price, good thermal insulation

Among double sleeping bags, the TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size has a gargantuan size. With a synthetic filling and a Taffeta shell, it comes with two possible temperature ratings: 0 an 20°F. The bag has an excellent insulation, due also to its hood, draft tubes, the absence of holes in the structure. The zippers are robust, thicker than the average models. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which you don’t see everyday.

The brand keeps its promises concerning the temperatures. We tested the versions of the bag at 0°F and 20°F and found them satisfactory, resting comfortably from dusk till dawn. Because of its size, two people can really move inside, and the internal flannel lining feels like sheets. For winter time is more than appropriate, but we wouldn’t recommend to use it in summer. For what reason should you sleep in it when the weather is warm?

The only matters with the Teton Sports Mammoth Queen are size and transportation. It’s so huge to be embarrassing and noticeable. Such gear is to move by car, for it won’t even fit in a good majority of backpacks. Hikers and backpackers should not think to carry it with them. To end this review, this model lacks of impermeable power, and should always kept away from rainfall. It’s a pity, for some waterproof layer would be really useful.


Double sleeping bags are surely a cool way to stay near your partner in car camping or during some hiking in the backcountry. But the question arises: isn’t it better to buy two separate, compatible bags you can zip together to have the same result? Probably it’s easier, and two little bags are more versatile. The double bags are surely more roomy and fluffy, and cost a little less than two individual ones. Finally the choice is up to you, your personal habits and preferences.

For sure the warmer bags are those with the down filling: opt for them to remain very cozy. Winter-specific models are the warmest of them all. You can also see our pages on cold weather, ultralight and budget sleeping bags: there are models to zip together and create a double. With some research it’s possible to find them. You can also consider to take one of these for friends or family visiting you and let them sleep in your house.

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